Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Security Receipt Paper Rolls Stop Counterfeiters in Their Tracks

According to The National Retail Federation’s (NRF) annual fraud survey, return fraud cost retailers an estimated $13.95 billion last year, up from $9.59 billion in 2009. In addition, the NRF states that 52.4% of all retail return fraud is from counterfeit receipts. With today’s sophisticated technologies, criminals are now creating counterfeit receipts to obtain refunds for stolen merchandise. Retailers are faced with a growing problem as scams become more sophisticated.

Security receipt paper rolls are a simple and affordable addition to loss prevention programs. Industries that will benefit from security solutions include retailers, casinos, gaming, lottery and other point of sale receipt applications. Use of the following security features on a point of sale paper roll will help businesses fight back against receipt fraud:
  • Ultra-violet Inks – A clear ink applied to the rolls face or back in a specified location and pattern. An image appears when placed under a black light (UV) light source.
  • Thermo Chromic Inks – When rubbed an image changes color momentarily or disappears momentarily and then reappears.
  • Coin Reactive Inks – A clear ink applied to the back (non-thermal side) of the roll in a specified location and pattern. An image will appear when rubbed with a coin.
  • Scratch Inks - Unique ink offers overt and covert security options for POS rolls. Ink permanently changes color when scratched and cannot be duplicated.
  • Front to Back Print Registration of Images – Builds security into the design of the receipt.
  • Void Pantographs – The word VOID appears when an attempt is made to copy a document.
Finally, retailers need to train their employees on how to handle returns and what to look for. Establishing clear procedures and checking the returned item to be sure it is the right product is just another way to help prevent fraudulent returns. While retail fraud is not easy to combat, a strong commitment to fraud prevention will pay off in the long run.

POS Supply offers the highest level of security for your paper roll receipts. In addition, we have a complete line of Custom Printed Roll Paper and Fraud and Loss Prevention solutions. Customers can maximize their loss prevention programs with counterfeit detectors featuring a UV light that instantly locates security stripes or symbols that are imbedded in currencies, credit cards, traveler's checks and other legal documents. Magnifiers, UV markers, and Mini UV Lights are just a few other theft-deterrent products that make up POS Supply’s fraud & loss prevention product offerings.

What other fraud and/or loss prevention solutions do you find helpful? Please give us your feedback.

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