Friday, June 17, 2011

BPA in Receipt Paper: Cause for Worry….Or Not?

Over the last year I have read numerous articles about BPA and its possible toxic connections to cancer, learning disabilities and infertility. POS Supply Solutions has been following the news on BPA’s effects on human health since 2006 and we have even written two other posts on BPA in Thermal Paper and Identifying BPA Free Paper in the last year. With all the blog posts, independent studies and government reports to sift through, it’s hard not to get confused and overwhelmed by all the information. Here’s the latest news that I have read regarding BPA recently:

Last month on the 23rd, the Environmental Health Research Foundation (a nonprofit research foundation specializing in Health and Environmental Science) stated “Despite the prevalence of recent media articles and blogs about Bisphenol A (BPA), there has been no change in US regulatory policy”, “The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) position on BPA remains unchanged, noting the lack of any creditable evidence of risk to human health”. In addition, the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) has stated that further regulation on BPA would require more scientific findings than are currently available.

On June 8th, the state of Connecticut House of Representatives approved a bill banning BPA in store receipts after a lengthy debate. This bill would take effect beginning July 1, 2015 unless the EPA issues a mandate before then. The state decided to delay the ban until the middle of 2015 to prevent a burden on businesses that may already be under excessive regulations, giving them time to develop alternatives. Maybe they don’t realize that business owners already have alternatives today? We at POS Supply Solutions have been offering BPA free receipt paper rolls for over 5 years.

What are your feelings are on the subject? Do you think that BPA should be banned in all receipt paper? We’d love to hear your take on this controversial topic!

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